about us

They are the ones who invite us to study the space that opens in every wedding. Their emotions are the big stories, her joy the most powerful light visible in a ballroom: Brides!


I was born in the Dominican Republic and have been working within and outside the country in TV production and photography.


I have traveled to USA, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Haiti and me own country, always with a photographic project in agenda.


Photography is the way through which I can express me visions. I love to be among those who inspire with their emotions, laughter, tears and hugs.


I fell a deep emotion in each wedding because there is starting a pro life project. It is a gift to be witness of the first row in an event where I can put my


heart in achieving the best, romantic and unforgattable images which are the memories that live with the couple forever.


I am currently a editorial and events traveler photographer in between Dominican Republic, New York and Miami.

Shapes vs Expression

When we add a dose of drama the character is accentuated and the photo experience takes a truthful hue. Stops caring the form and then we began to be incisive in the expression.